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            Innovation and R & D
            Technical strength
            Production equipment
            Sales Service
            Innovative R&D
            Independent innovation is the headspring to maintain the vitality of an enterprise.Guided by the scientific outlook on development,the company makes constant technical research and innovation and keeps standing in the technological frontline of the industry. It has specially established a technical R&D center,an employee training center,a stel structure design institute,and introduced a group of first- classcertified structure enginer
            s,senior and intermediate level enginers,and recruited graduates from higher learning in stitutions,thus forming a mature innovation system.In the meantime,it can win powerful technical support from universities and resarch institutions through cooperation between factories and universities.
            Intensifying cooperation with higher leaming institutions
            Technical communications with foreign experts
            Experts from China Stel Structure Association making investigation in Chaofeng
            Experts form China Architectural Metal Structure Association making investigation in Chaofeng
            Structure design contest of Chaofeng Steel Structure Cup
            Foreign experts making investigation in Chaofeng
            Expetrs from the same trade making investigation in Chaofeng
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