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            Performance advantage
            System structure
            Steel frame supporting
            Lateral force system
            Deck systems
            Interior wall system
            Exterior wall system
            Fabricated steel structure housing a containment system- The interior wall system

            Precast lightweight energy-saving composite wall

            Residential energy-using precast lightweight composite wall, the wall has a solid, lightweight, thin body, soundproof, fireproof, waterproof, high strength, impact resistance, resistance to shock, hanging strong, thermal insulation, low-carbon energy, easy to cut, light weight, and good day, to achieve the comprehensive advantages of industrial waste recycling and so on.

            The wall is mainly used for household walls, interior walls, exterior walls, fire walls, etc., can effectively reduce the wall area occupied, improve residential utility rates, reduce the building load, seismic and improve building safety performance, lower total cost, a quality substitute to the traditional solid clay brick. The wall can be slotted hang nail, dry operation, without plastering mortar, putty direct, convenient construction and other advantages, which is from a handmade steel residential construction masonry and wet behind the steering "factory production, assembly of the construction and integration of decoration," an important way to modernization of housing industry.

            Product features for the pre-fabricated light green combined wall
            The light green composite wall is only 750 to 800 kg/m3, and the weight for 75mm thick wall plate is about 60kg/m2, 1/6 of the weight for brick masonry wall, 1/2 of the aerated concrete, or 1/7 of the 120mm thick masonry body +double plastered wall body. Hence, largely reducing the building weight and structure cost, increasing the usage area, with simple construction process and proper indoor arrangement for more functions.
            Waterproof / moisture resistance
            Energy-saving light composite wall using fiber cement board, has a good waterproof and moisture resistance performance, and therefore, the wall does not occur due to moisture absorption and release of the plate, back to halogen, deformation, strength loss and other phenomena. Wallboard will not turn out condensate drops in wet weather, nor peeling plaster layer after a long time. Especially in the kitchen, bathrooms, basements and other damp places its advantage is particularly evident.
            Energy-saving light composite wall at 1000 ℃ high temperature refractory limit of more than four hours, and do not emit poisonous gases, flammable performance up to the national A-level standards. After wall installation, with excellent stability and integrity, good fire resistance, fire and smoke can poison gas confined within the area affected by the fire, to prevent the spread of fire, toxic gas barrier (or to effectively isolate) so people have enough time to evacuate and the fire, to avoid significant loss of life and property, and 'prevention is better than rescue' fire theory.
            Energy-saving light composite wall surface of the fiber cement board, the internal composition of the material, bump and groove connection between the board and the board have a good sound absorption and sound insulation. 90mm thick wall insulation reaches 40dB, much higher than other masonry wall sound isolation; sound insulation effect is in line with its national housing insulation requirements.
            Earthquake / overall good
            Prefabricated construction, triple structure, plates and plates connected together as a whole, excellent impact resistance, tested prefabricated composite wall is 1.5 times the normal masonry, and the overall seismic performance than traditional masonry wall a few times to meet the seismic intensity of more than eight architectural requirements.
            Increasing the use of space
            In accordance with the National Building partition board the relevant norms, lightweight composite panels 75mm and 100mm thick walls saving board can replace the traditional brick 180mm and 120mm thick, and the ratio of the thickness of the plaster after the full reduction compared to 85mm, which is that each extend 11.8 meters, increase 1 square meters of usable area, a room rate increased 4-8%.
            High efficiency / Short duration / Construction Civilization
            Due to dry completely prefabricated construction work, the wall height of 4 meters below, an average of one day be able to ship skilled workers more than 35 square meters, double-sided flat and no longer need plastering walls, installed after other decorations can simultaneously, wallboard can also be cut according to the building structure needs to adjust the width, length, reduce material consumption rate and construction waste; reach transportation simple, stacked health, without mortar, plaster, shorten the duration of effect.
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