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            Beiganshan Mountain Gallery Bridge
            Source:  Date:2015-07-29 17:20:09  Author:


            Name: Beiganshan Mountain Gallery Bridge

            Detail:Beiganshan Mountain gallery bridge at the eastern Beishan Park of the Tonghui Road, Xiaoshan District, is a landmark municipal structure for Xiaoshan District of Hangzhou, with a fully welded arch pipe-truss structure of its own. It is made up of five major sections, including steel arch rib, arch crown beam, advertisement truss frame, horizontal pipe connections, bridge platform and intersection platform of reinforcement concrete, in which approximate 1000 tons of steel pipes will be used. The pipe arch rib by steel pipes are structured as space truss system with regular triangle sections. It is a non-hinge arch system by 5 trusses of arch rib, with 193m net span and 40.8m of net arch height.

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