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            Shishi Hongshan power plant
            Source:  Date:2015-07-24 10:16:05  Author:


            Name: Shishi Hongshan power plant 

            Detail:Hong Shan thermal power plant construction project triumpher steel construction in the construction of key projects of Fujian Province, the total amount of steel used is about 10500 tons, after the completion of the project, the plant can supply 57 million degrees, the heating 780 million tons. After the completion of the project can realize central heating, alleviate the region's electricity supply, improve the reliability of power supply in the area, improve the quality of the environment, to promote the sustained and healthy development of the social economy and the great significance of the milestone in the economic development of Shishi with, on the province's economic development, the adjustment of industrial structure has a good demonstration leading role. 

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