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            Kaihua International Hotel CO,.LTD
            Source:  Date:2015-07-17 15:16:11  Author:

            Kaihua International Hotel covers 417871 Square meters, its total building area about 100,000 Square meters, which is expected to be the highest level five-star hotel in Quzhou complementary with fashionable serviced apartments, modern shopping mall dealing with famous brands and upscale residence. Its total investment is about 300 million yuan. The five-star hotel is 104m high with 23 stories overground, three-storey podium, one-storey basement, and the building area overground is 36230 Square meters, underground (including civil air defense project ) is 12000 Square meters.

            The serviced apartment is 64.79m high with building area of 22000 Square meters. The first floor is modern shopping mall dealing with famous brands; others above the second floor is LOFT serviced apartment with 5.39m story height.

            According to the actual situation of other hotels and the catering market in Kaihua and potential tourism/conference consumer market, Triumpher Steel Structure Group think the Kaihua International Hotel should be for leisure vacation and business activities, positioned as five-star hotel considering the further development. The hotel's affiliated facilities should have the function on greeting various tourist groups and holding medium or large conference; Catering mainly are upscale seafood and local ecological special dish complementary with other specialty to fulfill the requirement of various tourist groups, medium-large conference and wedding reception; adapt to local actual economic level, the entertainment of KTV and sauna should be high-grade decorated with middle-grade charges to adapt to local actual economic level;the shopping mall mainly are comprehensive large stores to adapt to local consumption levels and habits.

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