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            Hangzhou Chaofeng Plastic Steel Co., Ltd.
            Source:  Date:2015-07-17 15:09:49  Author:

            Hangzhou Chaofeng Plastic Steel Co., Ltd. Located in No.38, beitan road, Xiaoshan economy development area. Our company is a stock-founded enterprise. It has the largest scale in the same field in Hangzhou. On Nov. 4, 1998, the plastic steel products fabricated by our company past the re-auditing of National Constructing Administration. At the same time, our company got the plastic steel products manufacturing license (No. XK21-101-1736) issued by National Technology Surveillance Bureau. In 2000, the aluminum alloy products fabricated by our company past the auditing of National Constructing Administration. At the same time, our company got the aluminum alloy products manufacturing license (No. XK21-201-00468) issued by National Technology Surveillance Bureau. Moreover, our company got the ISO9001: 2000 certificate in 2005.

            Our company always put the product quality, bilateral trust and customer's need in first consideration. Our company got the QMS,EMS and OHSMS certificates at the same time. Our company is divided into eight departments: the Technology Department, the Engineering Department, the Sale Department, the Manufacturing Department, the Quality Control Department, the HR Department and the Finance Department. Based on the active cooperation between each other in our company, we have successfully finished the purchase order from our clients in every project.

            We purchased the raw materials from some famous company throughout China, for example, Dalian Shide, Deqing Hua Zhijie, Guangdong Xinfa, Huzhou Dongliang, Nanping Minglv, Meishi Chuangjia, Nanya series, Guangdong Yazhou, Fujian Mingfa, and so on. These purchased plastic steel and aluminum alloy with certain type would be accepted if it had qualified certificate. The principle is also used in the acceptance of all small auxiliary components made of metal.

            From the review of the bearable ability of the ground to the accomplishment of a project, the assigned project manager was responsible for the implementation of the overall project. This means he has to assure the project to meet the demand of clients throughout his entire life. After the submitting of every project, we usually visit our clients to know how the project has been operated. We will prepare the project if there has any problem. During the constructing, the quality surveillance always play an important role. The quality surveillance includes inspecting for raw materials, partly or finished products.

            There were about 150 professional workers in the Engineering Department that they could accomplish all kinds of work assigned by different clients. So much advanced procedure and technology will be applied in the constructing of every project according to the certain situation of the jobsite and the special demand from our clients.

            Copyright@2015Chao Feng Steel Group Co., Ltd.All rights reserved
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